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Brand protection

Anti counterfeiting   

Counterfeit products

Counterfeiting is a big problem faced by all well-known bearing manufacturers. Counterfeit products along with the extension of the global supply chain has been everywhere. Counterfeit bearings is not affected by the type and specifications and geographical constraints. Seal and oil products also suffer.

Counterfeit bearings to deceive, mislead users

Counterfeit bearings and other fake products are often some non brand products for illegal labeling, marking, putting it in a genuine packaging is packaging boxes, two kind of packing box. And counterfeit products usually cost very low. Some of the fake no awareness of users has become the main target of criminals. Fake business with genuine fake sales price will give the user.

Equipment strike, accompanied by security risks

Once the user the use of counterfeit bearings, the consequences could be very serious. Counterfeit bearings will lead to equipment failure, high cost of production and personnel were injured.

Crack down on counterfeit,SKF In action!

SKF has always attached great importance to the customer / user and authorized dealers of anti-counterfeiting awareness. SKF will be on the market share with their fake situation or information, but also tell them how to avoid fakes. SKF also produced a set of brand protection brochure, entitled "where your bearings come from?" And it has more information about anti counterfeit.

SKF actively cooperate with local law enforcement agencies, to crack down on the illegal trade practices. Some of the successful enforcement action and selling counterfeit entities failed does play a deterrent to counterfeit industry.

SKF also through "the platform of the world bearing association" and other manufacturers, the fight against counterfeit bearings action. At present, the world is bearing Association launched a series of projects within the scope of the international anti counterfeiting. You can find more information by "" web site.

Raise awareness of prevention, away from the counterfeit bearings

The best way to buy genuine SKF bearings is purchased through a SKF authorized channels. You can click on the official website of SKF,Authorized dealers in the Chinese query SKF.

If you had to buy fake SKF bearings, or wish to remain anonymous tell us some counterfeit behavior in one area, you can send an email to“” and SKF China brand protection contact. SKF staff will maintain the confidentiality of your mail.