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11th SKF Wind Market Management Meeting

11th SKF Wind Market Management Meeting - Brussels, Belgium
CH New Energy (SKF CSP ) was invited to take part in 11th SKF Wind Market Management Meeting and made an important speech in meeting. As very impressive Wind Forum, current meeting was open at Brussels in Belgium,  it was co-sponsored with SKF group, ABB,  Gamesa, DONG Energy.

Discussion on the meeting
The representitives from major wind farm owners, main engine plants and
three parties cooperations in Europe held the meeting discussions for two days. The scene atmosphere was active and vivid, and they also took group discussions to the difficult subjects and every attendees benefit a lot.

According to the three parties cooperations in China, CH New energy General Manager, Da Ni's made a speech ,"Our Challenge and Sollution",  all attendees gave strong echo, aslo urged several foreign enterprises had intention for cooperation with CH New energy and made primary communication and confirmation. It is surprise, also is challenge to us.

Wind market is an emerging industry up till now as said as Eric Nelander, President of SKF in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, it is green industry full of opportunities and hopes. SKF is the supplier of important parts for this industry and organized the wind market forum already the eleven years.

                                                                                  Group Discussion
Virtual Wind- move to 21 inch screen base on Windows from iOS, interface is bigger and vision is bigger.

SKF Enlight Sensor -
Magnetoelectric sensor can realize the bluetooth connection with Data Collect of iPad rapidly, equipment vibration and tracking measurement of temperature.

         SKF China, Energy and heavy Industry Director, Chen Hua, CH New Energy and Jin Feng Representatives


Actually the foreign sky is not so blue, see right photo is China Blue to be taken today, so CH New Energy willing to join in this battle, beat haze and make our sky more blue, hug white cloud... 
Let's do it! Shall we